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Facilities and Equipment

Rajai Building Industrial Park lies in the southwestern mega-city of Tabriz . The construction of all facilities and equipment needed to participate in a three-storey , 600 -meter in its place , including production halls equipped with heating and cooling systems , hostels lounge the workers and managers monophagy the hall , the health service stockpiled , office equipped with electric lifts for the transport of components, control room and quality control tools are updated and modern .

The Company has various devices as follows :

  • 5 sets Sntrls
  • 3 Milling Machine
  • 15 drill radians
  • Laser Marking Machine for Marking
  • 3 Series milling machine
  • 7 devices SHAPE
  • 3 units for heat induction
  • 4 CNC Lathe
  • CNC internal grinding stone
  • 4 Lathe Manuals

Spare production capacity of the company :

  • Currently, the Bush precision Pins and five thousandths of a millimeter below the size of the company are :
  • 2 Million in axial
  • 500 thousand pcs kinds of precision metal Bush Yksdm mm in
  • Bush loaders 1 million types of valves ( gate valve ) in

Parts procurement resources :

  • Raw materials to be supplied from within the country and Yazd Alloy Steel
  • There are some parts that are within their ability to produce or not produce justification of European foreign companies to enter
  • Sometimes companies make parts for raw half of the other peer companies and the remaining steps are done on it will be converted to the final piece .