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About Azarabadegan Co.

European quality with Chinese price Azarabadegan company slogan began its activities in the area of ​​the central parts.
In 1376 Khoshdeli industry group was founded by Mr. Alireza Khoshdeli. And by the same name in 1386 and continued his activities within the central parts. 
Industrial activities initially centered in the field of automotive parts which includes all parts, car axle parts, industrial machinery truck tractors, Gyrbvks parts for cars and motor of diesel engines and even some of the parts be train. Also, some projects related to the oil industry conducted by the National Drilling Company has worked with the production of some components.
In 1383 the company was able to obtain certification ISO TS 2009 and SAPCO Grade to receive.

industry earned the country self-sufficient and has a turnover of approximately 3 to 5 billion Rials in exports has even entered the field.